Quality Products

At Daff Design sound quality is as important as aesthetics, that is why we strive to produce the best product both inside and out. 


Tradition methods of furniture buiding and wood working are used alongside more modern methods to create unique pieces. 

No Limits

We take care of the box so you dont have to. Whatever your idea is, we will turn it into a quality product with hifi sound.  

Creative Work


Have a certain design in mind? We build furniture that is stylish and functional. 


Check with us to see what we are currently working on, we are always trying to stuff our bluetooth where it doesnt belong or if you have an idea, contact us!

The Classics

Have a radio passed down to you or a certain style/era in mind, we convert the old classics into pieces of art for the eyes and ears. 

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Daff Design

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada