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I would like to introduce Daff Design, a company set out to change the way you look and think of audio. We make custom Bluetooth speakers in many forms.

Our main product is converting antique/vintage radios to beautiful sounding Bluetooth speakers. The old internal radio parts are removed, the case is stripped and refinished. The exterior parts are reattached to give the radio an original look and our new custom built Bluetooth speaker assembly is installed. This custom set up gives the radio a rich sound that you are sure to enjoy. 

We have also introduced our own line of hand made wood Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are made in our workshop and fitted with the same Bluetooth assembly we use in the radio conversion. These radios can be built from any wood that we can get our hands on and can be customized with whatever shape and colour you can think of and we can build. 

Thank-you for taking the time to check out our site and read our blog. Stop back regularly to see our new Bluetooth speakers for sale and blog updates, we will be documenting some of our builds on here



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