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Stained Wooden Bluetooth Speaker


This speaker is made from wood that was stained black. The cabinet is hand built in our workshop and features our proven bluetooth speaker system. These radios have a deep rich sound that will provide you with hours and hours of listening pleasure. Very easy to use, just the on/off switch on the speaker and everything else is controlled by your device.

What better way to enjoy listening to your favourite songs internet radio station or podcast than to have it streaming to one of our handmade speakers. You don't need to put up with ugly plastic speakers anymore, our warm looking, feeling and sounding speakers will blend in to your decor with ease. Watch movies, youtube or Netflix? Stream your audio to our speaker and enjoy the great sound you were meant to hear.

Video of one of our wood bluetooth speakers -
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When using bluetooth to play your audio you do not lose the ability to continue to use your device for email, web browsing, or anything else you use your device for.

Dimensions - 13" Long X 9" Deep X 6.5" High

We also do custom speakers in your choice of wood and design (within certain parameters).
Please contact us with your questions or ideas, we would love to hear from you.

We can ship internationally, please contact us for a shipping rate to your location.